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To purchase / inquiry please email us.

1. Searching for the product you are interested. copy the product name, or screen shoot and paste to Email us.

2. Email us the picture of the paper you are looking for. So we can roughly know what kind of paper you are looking for, this help us to get the correct or suitable paper for you.

3. You can CLICK our email and it will direct to your email contact , or copy email address then Email us  : [email protected]  , if contact JB outlet : [email protected]

4. Email us to get our store location map, waze, address for walk-in purchase.

5. Calling is not recommended because it is hard to communicate without product detail like image/ photo of what customer are looking for.

TO ORDER , please let us know which product item, quantity needed. 

1)please let us know which one and quantity.
2) Provide us with the name, address, contact receiver.
3) We will send you a proforma invoice, inside have the detail of payment, and bank in acc no. 

Once payment is done, send us payment prove .we will proceed and update to you.   And the original invoice will along with the parcel.